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Do you want to be a pro in makeup, but find the YouTube tutorials complicated? You’re right, no one is talking about the basics anymore. Everyone is just showing up their professional skills on YouTube. But when it comes to makeup application, there is a universal order one should follow for best results. The power of makeup is unquestionable, your favourite and right products help you enhance your looks.

When it comes to makeup application, other than skills, the makeup products matter too. The quality of the products, their matching to your skin tone and their ingredients matching to your skin type, all of these points are also imperative to keep under concern.

To help you emphasis your facial features and to boost your confidence to face the everyday world, we bring a full guide to apply makeup. Just keep reading till the end to make your everyday look flawless.

1. Moisturiser:

The first and foremost step to a perfect makeup look is applying moisturiser. No matter what skin’s type you own, you must hydrate your skin after finishing your skin-care routine and before applying makeup. It helps your makeup in blending and settling finely. Some people consider moisturiser as an optional step, but I think it is as much as important as other products. It protects you from getting a cakey look. A moisturiser helps you strengthen and nourishing your skin.

2. Primer:

As your skin is moisturiser by a moisturiser, now it’s time to apply a quality primer. A primer helps in keeping your makeup in place, especially on hot summer days. The best primer provides you with a uniform look and avoids patchy skin. A primer is the base of your makeup. It is a gel or cream that fills in the pores of your face and smoothen the uneven textures of your skin. Just be sure to use the primer that fits your skin type.

3. Foundation:

When it comes to applying foundation, the number one priority is skin tone. The right shade foundation can be a game-changer. You can apply foundation either using a brush or fingers. I personally prefer the brush, as it blends the foundation very well. The makeup brush or a beauty blender is a highly recommended tool from the experts’ side. Just one tip for the best makeup look is blend, blend and blend.

4. Concealer:

The name of the product is self-explanatory. It conceals the stubborn areas of your skin, like dark circles or acne marks. It is not easy to apply concealer to your skin. The skin may get patchy or cakey. Use the dot, dot, dot formula while applying concealer. Just a pea-size amount of concealer is enough to hide your dark circles. The shade of concealer is important too. A concealer is a little lighter than your actual skin tone.

The areas where one should apply concealer are:

• Over the centre of your forehead in the horizontal direction

• Under eyes

• On the centre of your nose

• The curved line of chin just under the bottom lip

5. Foundation Powder:

This is one of the tricky steps in makeup application. You have to be at a moderate level while applying foundation powder. Too much of it gives you a cakey look and very little of it may seem you skipped the step. The trick to applying foundation powder perfectly is using a fluffy powder brush and don’t rub the brush on your skin. Start by dusting the brush over your face and then gently sweep the brush outward horizontally.

6. Bronzer:

Bronzer is a multipurpose makeup product. You can use it as a contour. Sculpt your cheeks and jaws with the bronzer, making it appear as a mimic shadow on your face. It gives you a sun-kissed look. When choosing a bronzer, try to select a matte instead of glittery. Unlike a concealer, a bronzer must be of a darker shade than your actual skin colour.

A bronzer should be applied to the following areas of your face:

• Your hairline

• Bridge of the nose

• High points of the cheeks

7. Blush:

One should keep in mind her skin tone while buying any of the makeup products. While choosing a blush colour you must consider whether it will suit your skin or not. Blush is to highlight and brighten up your cheeks. A fluffy brush must be used while applying blush to make a uniform look. If you love it, you can apply very little blush on the tip of your nose too. I personally love to apply the blush on the nose tip.

8. Highlighter:

Your makeup look is incomplete without a highlighter. To get glam up and bold look must apply a highlighter. You can apply a highlighter wherever you want to grab attention. You can apply it to the following areas:

• Cheekbones

• Clavicle bones

• Cupid’s bow

• Centre of the chin

• Bridge of the nose

• Brow bone

• Forehead’s centre

• Inner eye corners (optional)

You may have noticed in YouTube tutorial videos that some of the makeup artists apply highlighter to the nose tip as well. But I don’t like that as it gives you a very unnatural glow.

9. Eyeshadow:

Perfect eye makeup can help you in stealing the show. Always start with a light shade for the base of your eye makeup. Now, select the shade you want to apply to your eyelids. Blend it well to your eyes. Always choose two shades of the same color, one of a lighter shade and one of darker. It will give your eyes a bold look. Apply the lighter shade, starting from the lash line to just above the crease of your eyelids. And then apply the dark shade to the outer corner of your eye, sweep the brush from the lash line to the crease of your eyelid.

10. Eyeliner & Mascara:

Want a striking look on your usual days too? Just add eyeliner to your daily makeup routine. Eyeliner is one of the most powerful makeup products that can change the whole game. If you are not an expert in applying an eyeliner, you can use eyeliner pencil which is easy to use. And for beginners, there is a tip to apply eyeliner. Try to make dots and then join them all to make a sharp liner look. You can use the scotch tape trick as well. There are many YouTube videos on it. Don’t forget to fill the inner area of the upper eyelid. For sharp wingy eyeliner, you should use a liquid eyeliner. Complete your eye makeup with mascara and also give some definition to your brows also.

11. Lip liner and Lipstick:

Some people may consider lip liner as a non-essential part of makeup. But for me it is as much as important as other products. It can not only contour your lips but also make your lipstick lasts longer. Apply the lipliner to the outer edges of your lips and then fill the corners of your lips with the lip liner. Then, to make your lips look broader, mark the area of your lips as shown in the picture below.

After finishing the lip liner, apply the favourite shade of your lipstick, nude shade or sparkle shade. If you want to add a sparkly look to your nude shade lipstick, apply lip gloss on it. Don’t apply it to your whole lips, just apply it at the centre of the lips.

12. Makeup Setting Spray or Powder:

No, No, No! The guide is not over yet. You must not want your makeup to look greasy and creasy, do you? Makeup setting spray or powder helps your makeup stay on the whole day. You don’t need to reapply makeup and gives you a flawless look too. And yes, that’s all folks! It’s a pack-up to your makeup session tutorial.

Before buying any makeup product be mindful of your skin tone and skin type. Also, try to use the best and suitable brushes and beauty blenders. Don’t go for the quantity of the products. Always prefer quality over quantity. So, are you ready to rock your look?

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