At Jaypap we believe in equal rights and a peaceful existence for all members of society, especially minority groups, which face massively under-reported daily challenges.

With the sole aim of creating social change, we are always pushing to be bold and heroic and stand up for what we think is right.

As part of our goodwill nature at Jaypap we have made a commitment to donate a percentage of our profits to three organisations that work so hard to champion social change. 

To find out more information about these charities and/or community benefit societies and the wonderful work they put in,  please visit the following websites:


1.  Stonewall – Gay Rights Charity –


2.  UK Black Lives Matter – Anti-Racism Charity –


3.  The Fawcett Society – Gender Equality & Women’s Rights Charity –


Stonewall – LGBTQ+ Rights Charity –

UK Black Lives Matter – Anti-Racism Charity –

The Fawcett Society – Gender Equality & Women’s Rights Charity –